It is very difficult to concentrate on running your business profitably and handling all the mundane office duties, which are sometimes classified as behind the scenes tasks.  SHARGO USA’s team is full equipped and ready to alleviate these task from you. We offer a wide range of services that can ease the burden:

Document Management♦ Contact Management♦Calendar Management♦Travel Support♦Data Entry♦Spreadsheet Creation♦Social Media Support♦Receiving and Responding to Emails♦Database Management♦Newsletter Creation♦Blog Creation♦Internet Research♦

Contact Management

Do you have a database program that keeps all of your contact information?  Do you have a significant amount of business cards and contact information that needs to be kept updated?  Contact Management is critical to the growth of your business.  If you are unable to keep in contact with your clients or prospects, this will affect your business.  SHARGO USA will

  • Keep all your contacts updated in a CRM
  • Categorize contacts in an email marketing program
  • Create and Maintain Contact Management Program 
  • Auto Responders from Email Programs


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Operations Management:

It is essential that the operations of your business runs smooth.  When there is no order or process in your business things begin to slip through the cracks.   We will keep you company stems in order.

  1. Email and Newsletter organization and follow through
  2. Team Management
  3. Company Processes
  4. Employee Manual
  5. Office organization
  6. Administration Support


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