Churches, Ministries and Non-Profit Organizations has specific procedures and structures that they need to follow just like a regular business to ensure that the operation runs according to principles of the bible.  By providing assistance to ministries, organizations and churches, we can assist in eliminating the administrative and operational tasks so you can focus on the overall goal of the institution.

Services we Provide to Ministries/Non-Profits

  • Operational Manuals
  • Ensure that Birthday and Anniversary Announcements  are sent out and process completed.
  • Creation of Full Ministry Database
  • Recording of sermons, speeches
  • Creation of stationery, programs, literature, PowerPoint, Flyers, Newsletter
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Event Planning
  • Website Design
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Document Creation
  • Email Management
  • Internet Research
  • 501 3c Registration

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